This is the face of the nasty pathetic cunt who has been attacking and slandering the death of my dog, me and my stories for the past 8+ years. Just looking at her ugly mug makes me want to throw up. Who the fuck is this clown and why is she so obsessed with me? No one is jealous of her. She has an ugly soul: ugly on the inside and ugly on the outside. I’ve never been attacked and slandered by someone who looked better than me. It’s always these ugly hideous clowns who are slandering me:

I guess Cha_Aegis loves to defend scary lookin’ creepy weirdo clowns, LOL.

I thought about reporting her slander and getting her Twitter taken down because her Twitter is her life, then I decided to not report her and let her rot her pathetic unproductive loser self on the Internet. She’d really go off the deep end and stalk me 50 times more than she already stalks me if I got her Twitter suspended. The only reason she still has her Twitter account to talk trash is because I feel sorry for her that exaggerating herself on Twitter is all she lives for, LOL. I’ll let her live in her delusions of grandeur while I’m out getting things done. 🙂

While she’s busy talking trash about me on Twitter I’ve been writing my stories and enjoying life and I couldn’t care less what that batshit lunatic has been saying about me on Twitter.